With both the most intense love and passion for coffee, from coffee beans with original values ​​that have been distilled on top technology. EVC has sent to coffee lovers and “connoisseurs” a full set of EVC’s latest masterpieces including EVC Agitato, EVC Iced Nature, EVC Across, EVC Blendy Nature, EVC Brown Nature, EVC Nature Grain, EVC Nature Powder.


Not only is a cup of coffee delicious, the most attractive but also a special energy. That source of energy is for the activation of the brain, for the inspiration of creative ideas.
Are you in need of creative energy?
Come and feel the product lines of EVC coffee.

EVC always makes continuous creative efforts to launch high-quality and high-class Vietnamese coffee products to consumers.

Sincerely invite our partners and customers to experience and enjoy the original flavor in each cup of EVC coffee distilled from the best quality coffee beans!


Enjoy the “masterpiece” Blendy Nature with 14% pure coffee essence combined with sugar and milk, without the use of fillers, flavors or additives to bring users a delicious cup of coffee with a special taste. help you awaken creativity to achieve high performance at work.


cà phê hòa tan Brown Nature

Brown Nature is the “perfect” combination of sugar and milk with concentrated coffee essence to create a coffee with a distinct taste. With the highest coffee content on the market (14%) helps bring a stronger flavor. EVC is 100% committed to not using fillers and chemical sugars. The product is easy to use, convenient, helping you to be more alert and excited for an effective working day. There’s nothing better than making your whole family’s day full of energy and love with a cup of Brown Nature instant coffee .


The delicate combination of the best Arabica and Robusta coffee beans with the most modern cold-drying technology in Vietnam. The coffee will be dried at a low temperature to help retain the original flavor of the purebred beans.
Enjoying a cup of coffee  EVC AGRITATO  will bring a creative experience to coffee lovers and enthusiasts.
It can be said  that EVC AGRITATO  is the ideal choice for relaxing weekends with favorite music tunes.

You love the bitter taste of Robusta, want to enjoy the sweet and sour taste of Arabica. But you don’t have time to brew a full-flavoured black coffee filter! Understanding that need, EVC coffee launched the Iced Nature cold-dried coffee product line . Produced by Vietnam’s leading standard freeze-drying technology, keeping the full flavor from high-quality coffee beans will let you feel the taste of a traditional cup of black coffee.

Bold Roasted Coffee Beans

EVC Nature Grain is a harmonious combination of honey processed Robusta and wet processed Arabica. Specially roasted to a deep roast to reveal the original flavor. 


EVC Nature Powder is a product that awakens a strong source of creative and awakening energy to help you work with enthusiasm at home or anywhere! It will be wonderful to have the feeling of grinding at home, making and waiting for every drop of coffee in the small filter, and then enjoying the characteristics of high-class coffee.


As a harmonious combination of modern and traditional style, EVC coffee has launched the EVC Across paper filter coffee product line with pure coffee beans, blended according to the golden ratio that will bring you the best taste. hard to forget. 
EVC Across paper filter coffee is a product produced 100% from pure coffee beans that keep the rich flavor and characteristic aroma of traditional coffee.
With a special formula of 70% purebred Robusta & 30% Cau Dat Arabica, it has a bitter taste, mild sourness, and a sweet aftertaste. The product is easy to use, convenient, and saves time. 


EVC always researches and analyzes to come up with featured product lines that suit the personality and enjoyment style of each customer so that when enjoying the musical coffee line we hope customers will find themselves. in each cup of EVC coffee.

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