1. Company introduction.

In 2014, EV GROUP officially invested and developed EVC Production Joint Stock Company and the coffee brand EVC Coffee – Enjoy the pure nature was born. Over many years of production and business activities, EVC has become a reputable and familiar brand with consumers in the field of “coffee production and processing”.

EVC Coffee is proud to be one of the very few units that successfully build a closed model from the stage of collection, selection, preliminary processing to the stage of supply operation and distribution of products. All of the above factors have helped EVC Coffee optimize the quality control process and product stability. This makes the products that EVC offers to customers at attractive prices with excellent quality.

2. Strategic vision:

With nearly 10 years of establishment and development, EVC Coffee has always been at the forefront of technology investment research, optimizing product quality in each production stage. EVC is determined to become the leading enterprise in Vietnam, by 2025, in terms of:

– Applying science and technology to clean agricultural farming.

– Large raw material area in accordance with international standards.

– International brand of clean coffee and agricultural products.

3. Core values.

Breakthrough creativity

Solidarity and determination

Steady development

 4. Development orientation.

EVC will develop product distribution network and channels to sales channels such as: JT channel, MT channel, Horea channel, B2B channel, e-commerce channel with a system of distributors.

With the desire to bring clean, quality and safe coffee products to Vietnamese consumers in the widest way. Affirming its position in the domestic market, EVC Coffee continuously expands farming areas, links and provides scientific and technical support to farmers to ensure clean and standard raw material areas and is a premise for EVC Coffee confidently reaches out to the international market.

 5. HR System. 

 6. Business license. 

Contact Info

Contact Info Individuals or companies wishing to cooperate with EVC Coffee, please contact us for more details and specific advice.



Address: No. 1, lane 754, La Thanh street, Giang Vo ward, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi city

Head office: No. 341 La Thanh, O Cho Dua Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi City, Vietnam

Tax code: 0106506050

Legal representative: Nguyen Quynh Duong

Operation date: 08/04/2014

Business license: 0106506050

Hotline: (+84) 9185 56789

Email: [email protected]


EVC Coffee is a new generation coffee brand belonging to EV GROUP. It was established in 2014 with the goal of building a strong brand for Vietnamese coffee, confidently expanding internationally.
After nearly 10 years of development, EVC has continuously invested in searching and conserving precious seed sources, building organic coffee farms, investing in modern machinery and technology in the production of coffee products. Thanks to the optimization in each phase, each processing stage, and refinement of each coffee bean, EVC confidently brings customers the most perfect, pure and original coffee cups.


A characteristic of EVC Coffee is that 100% of Robusta beans are from rare purebred Robusta varieties. With the features of thin skin, small seeds, it brings a rich flavor and long deep aftertaste, completely different from the current Robusta varieties in the market

Cau Dat is known as the paradise of Arabica coffee. Its flavor is distinguished by a combination of mild sourness and bitterness. Its aftertaste is rich and harmonious with the combination of fresh fruits and the sweetness of honey. 

“The careful selection of ripe beans brings out the best coffee quality”

In order to ensure the most uniform and excellent quality for the finished coffee cups, all coffee production processes at EVC follow international standards, creating products that retain the rich “Vietnamese soul” has just conquered the hearts of coffee lovers across five continents.